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Meet The Team











Norma started up the kennels in 1988 as a boarding complex but in 1994 decided to commit to helping stray and abandoned dogs. She does not have a favourite breed of dog as she feels all dogs have their own appeal. Her achievement in life is giving numerous homeless dogs the chance of a new life.



Name: Gemma S

Role: Kennel Supervisor

I have been at the centre for nearly 13 years, starting as weekend staff after leaving school. I have always loved animals and love working with the dogs, i soon became full time and am presently the centre supervisor. I currently own 3 of my own dogs two labradors and a x breed and occassionally end up fostering the stray puppies we take in. My favourite breed is the Burmese mountain dog and would love to own one in the future. Working at Carr house is very rewarding especially seeing the dogs go off to their new homes.



Name: Debbie B

Role: Kennel Assistant

I have been at the centre for nearly 11 years. I love all breeds of dogs most of all the Black Russian Terrier. I own six of my own animals including reptiles. My favourite thing is rehoming the dogs and i dislike seeing old dogs in kennels.



Name: Gemma B

Role: Kennel Assistant

I have been at the kennels for nearly 6 years, I like working here because I like to give these dogs a second chance as they don't deserve to be abandoned also I like working outdoors. I have my own Dog, a female Lab x Collie whose mum was a rescue dog from the kennels. My Favourite Breed has to be a labrador.


Name: Steph F

Role: Kennel Assistant

I have been at the centre for nearly 5 years after completing a successful work placement. I really enjoy working at the kennels. I like spending time with the dogs and making sure they find the right homes. I currently don't own any dogs. My favourite breeds are the French Bulldog and the English Bull Terrier and would love to have one in the future.